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ILO Triangle Project

The ILO-funded Tripartite Action to Protect Migrants Workers in the Greater Mekong Sub-region from Labour Exploitation (the GMS TRIANGLE project) aims to strengthen the formulation and implementation of recruitment and labour protection policies and practices, to ensure safe migration resulting in decent work. The project is supporting partners, such as LSCW, in Kampong Cham, Prey Veng and Battambang to operate Migrant Resource Centres (MRC) to provide information and refer potential and returnee migrants who seek assistance. In these provinces, there are limited employment opportunities, irrigation problems, floods and droughts which all affect income and employment. As a result, many migrant workers have migrated within Cambodia and to nearby countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, China, Korea and Singapore to find job opportunities.

The overall aim of the project is to increase decent work opportunities and labour rights protections for women and men migrant workers in Cambodia. The primary objectives of the project include:

Capacity-building for government officials

To build the capacity of officers of the Department of Employment and Manpower and the Provincial Departments of Labour and Vocational Training on how to manage MRCs and provide potential migrant workers and migrants workers relevant services. Capacity-building will be through training workshops organized by the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training and the MRCs.

In order to achieve this, LSCW has been working with the ILO to develop training materials for the workshops and to deliver the workshops in Kampong Cham, Prey Veng, and Battambang. The training also promotes knowledge-sharing with commune council members in relation to newly adopted labor migration regulations and policies in order to enhance their capacity to promote safe and legal migration in their community.

Legal assistance

The project aims to improve access to justice, by providing legal assistance to Cambodian migrant workers and victims of fraud, abuse, trafficking, and exploitation during and after the migration process, as well as members of their family. LSCW is working with the ILO to strengthen ad hoc referral schemes for labour migration cases between service providers and to provide such free legal assistance as mediation, court representation and legal advice to victim-survivors. 

On behalf of all the children, women and citizens of Cambodia, we would like to thank you for your support and interest. Particular thanks must be given to our personal donors; Mrs Era Ly and children, Mr Ngam Ly, Mrs Polly Botsford, Mr Christian Truong, Mr Varann Ly and family, Mr Alexandre Truong and family, Mrs Narin Chan and family, Mr and Mrs Pou Youthoan and Ms Yam Khoan Pisey. The following organisations have supported us tremendously; US Agency for International Development, EWMI, DCA, UNIAP, GIZ, Canada Fund, Australian Aid, German Agro Action, British Embassy, Netherland Embassy, Swiss Embassy SKN, TAF, Oxfam Novib and Oxfam GB. We also thank Ms Sheely Preece, Ms Roo Griffith, Mr. Tom,  Mr. John Frederick Harrison James,  Mr. Ben Mays, Ms. Georgina O’Hare,   Mrs. Kathleen Payne,   Ms. Tania Evans, Ms. Susan Green, Ms. Natalie Drolet, Ms. Nadia Hardman, Mrs. Victoria Pearson Mr. Andy S Shen, Ms. Mara Harris, Mr. Pen Pichdaro and Ms. Amber Rowsell